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Ivanka Trump Products Bite The Dust At Retailers, But Is Her Brand Actually In Trouble?

Ivanka Trump Products Bite The Dust At Retailers, But Is Her Brand Actually In Trouble? Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images Yet another department store has removed Ivanka Trump's clothing line from its shelves — but the presidential adviser's company isn't necessarily doomed. The brand began disappearing from stores days after her father won the presidency, which has raised questions about the viability of the Ivanka Trump brand . The ongoing political backlash is only one side of the story, though, according to marketing experts. "For those that hate the president, her brand is a horrifying, repulsive artifact of what he represents," Eric Schiffer, a brand and marketing expert and CEO of Reputation Management Consultants, tells Bustle. "For those that are neutral politically but fascinated by the presidency, I think the Ivanka Trump brand benefits. So it’s been a fascinating couple of years to watch the way in which the impact is cut in both directions." The #GrabYourWallet campaign continues to publicly call out retailers who stock Ivanka Trump products. But Schiffer notes that the first daughter and presidential adviser also has a massive platform where she can showcase her clothing, shoes, and jewelry while traveling with the president. Photos of her outfits frequently appear alongside news articles, in fashion magazines, and on social media (not to mention her own Instagram account ). "That’s a tremendous opportunity to influence fashion purchasers," he says. "So she benefits from just the power of sheer numbers, and that’s not to be understated." Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images While retailers such as T.J.

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