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After nearly 50 years, travel agency to close its doors on Saturday

Travel Headquarters And though she loved her life her in the United States, she never became an American citizen, never let her British citizenship go. “She loved being a Brit,” said Dyngeland. What family Jacobson did have — she had no children of her own — still lives England, and Jacobson had made the decision that when she died the business would go to them, Dyngeland said. But the soon determined that they would be unable to continue to run the small agency in Owatonna, Minnesota, from their home in England. So, in late May, they made the decision to close the business at the end of June. That end comes Saturday. “Up until May 24, we were in limbo, though we suspected what would happen,” Dyngeland said. The sadness for Dyngeland comes not only from the death of Jacobson — her employer, mentor and friend — but also from saying goodbye to a job that she’s held for more than two decades. She got into the business after she attended a 1-year program in a technical college travel agency — a program that she describes as “intense.” She first worked for an agency in Waseca that did a lot of the booking for the now defunct Brown Printing. She then moved to another agency in Owatonna before finally joining with Jacobson six years after that.

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